Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Easter came early this year. But, in the Blume house Christmas came late. If you happen to pass our house some evening, you'll probably notice a lit Christmas tree in the front window. Some would claim that this is due to my inherent nature to put things off until I receive a sign from above. (or a direct order from my wife) The real reason for the presence of the tree is a lack of presents. Last December, when regular folks celebrate Christmas, JoAnne felt it necessary to hide one of my Christmas presents. Being an expert hider, she manged to hide it from herself as well. Christmas came and passed and poor Ron sat there empty gifted. A search for the elusive gift ensued and continued for months. Every night Ron would sit by the Christmas tree which, by now, bare with the exception of the little white lights. The search has been abandoned, the flashlights put away, but, Ron's vigil continues. That is, until last night! Ron was on the couch pretending to be watching TV as Jo went upstairs to prepare another stunning wardrobe for the next day at the office. "When there arose such a clatter I leapt from the couch to see what was the matter". (Sorry, I couldn't help but break into rhyme) The exciting finish to this longer than necessary story is, as you have probably guessed, she found the well hidden gift. I won't go into details about where it was hidden (who knows, she might want to use that place again).
Tonight I will extinguish the little white lights and climb the stairs to bed accompanied by my old buddy Rod Stewart singing some old songs from days gone by when Christmas was actually in December.