Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Blub, Blub, Blub!

Just saying Hey from a dryer part of Southwestern Wisconsin! Although we got a lot of rain this past week, (I think over 6 inches total) we fared a whole lot better than so many of the neighboring areas. Luckily we had enough breaks in the weather that "farmer/botanist" JoAnne had an opportunity to finish filling all the bare spaces in the yard with one form of vegetation or another.

I've really fallen behind on my photo shooting. The subjects have been available but, it seems that I don't happen to be in the same time frame with them. Our Hostas are growing to tremendous proportions and I want to shot some of them to post here. But, so far, the planets haven't aligned properly for the "right" shot. For Fathers' Day I received my own, real live, Cubs Win (W) flag and I plan a photo extravaganza to show here. Once again, haven't gotten everything together for the "Big" shot. But, I promise, you'll be the first to see me and my pet flag in full color right here in Ron City.

Only other news at this time is I've been car shopping. After extensive research and test driving and financial wrangling, I've been able to narrow the quest down to one vehicle and, more importantly, a justifiable price range. After constantly hearing auto manufacturers bally hoo their cars as, "as good as an Accord". I wondered what would be better than being as good as an Accord? Duh!!! An Accord of course. So, if all goes well with the financial dealings, we may be heading up to Duluth this coming weekend in a.... yep, new Accord.

All in all this coming weekend should be pretty exciting. We're going to Duluth to meet up with Sally and Uncas and stay at Uncas' folks place. They live north of Duluth just off of Lake Superior. They have lots of land and, from what I've seen in photos, it's kind of rustic. The other big treat will be the introduction of "Sammy", Sally and Uncas' new puppy which they are picking up this weekend. So, watch for lots of pictures. Car, puppy, house in the woods and maybe even Ron with his "W" flag. As you probably know, the Cubs just keep on winning.

See ya round the corner.