Thursday, February 11, 2010


I finally figured out a way to remember all of the great ideas that come to me in the middle of the night . . . "Memory Foam". Last week I ordered a new pad for my mattress because I was experiencing various aches and pains during "nightie night" time. Great ideas come in bunches. Kill two birds with one foam, get a memory foam mattress pad therefore providing more comfort as I sleep and aid in my memory as I lay awake (not aching). So far the comfort level is more comfortable and here is proof that the memory has has become more memorable. At first I thought this might just cause pipe dreams. Then I thought, "what the hell are pipe dreams?". They could be dreams that one has when:
you fall asleep in a culvert,

you could rely on your power of elementary deduction while puffing on your Calabash,

you could stir up dreams of writing tales of the "Mighty Mississippi",

or, you could chuckle as you remember making anonymous phones calls asking,
"do you have Prince Albert in the can?".

See how much that foam has helped out. I think some of it might have seeped into my brain. Back to other late night thoughts. I saw an article in the newspaper announcing the opening of a Bob Dylan art exhibit. With the help of my memory foam I visualized how Bob's art might look. For instance, a self portrait -

Just one other morsel of wisdom that dawned on me just before dawn. In a neighboring community a cheesemaker has announced the release of a limited amount of fifteen year old cheddar. I guess this is a big deal although I believe that at one time or another, I've seen Velvetta older than that. At any rate for those of who really care, I do have some thirty plus year old gourmet macaroni to go with it.

That's about I can handle right now. I think I'll have to limit the time I spend on my memory pad. Guess I'll just enjoy a pipefull of dreams and go out Eagle hunting. The snow stopped, the sun's out and my batteries are charged. More than likely the Eagles are already hiding out.