Saturday, September 17, 2011

"Hey! Don't Slam The Door!"

That's something I hear from JoAnne quite a bit. No, she's not referring to the device that blocks out the "peskies" of this world. Pesky insects, pesky salesmen, pesky Witnesses and pesky cookie sellers. No, she's referring to that pesky piece of land that interrupts the Lake Michigan Shoreline just Northeast of us, the County of Door. It's a little strip of land that, beginning in "Titletown USA" extends northward into Lake Michigan and becomes "The Cape Cod of the Midwest". For years I've stated my preference for the Northwoods section of Wisconsin over this fingerfull of hotels, motels, timeshares, condos, galleries, gift shops, restaurants, orchards and wineries. This past week has changed my view of Door County. This trip I viewed it over the shoulder of a three year old on an adventure and an eight month old whose every move is an adventure. Our vacation club membership provided us with a great two bedroom condo that was perfect for Jo and I as well as son Derek, his wife Jeanna and Grandkids Saffie and Sebastian. Saffie discovered, with some apprehension, the delight of waves lapping onto your bare feet as well as a giant bull gently lapping at your cheek. She took great pleasure in finding a stone to throw and finding it to throw again. She experienced the glow and warmth of a fire crackling away in a fireplace and the cackling of a mother hen with her brood of chicks. She learned that bunches of grapes grew on a vine and that baby goats went after a bottle of milk more eagerly than her baby bother. Hopefully all these things will remain in her memory for years to come, I know that they're etched in mine. After this past week, I still prefer The Northwoods but I have a new fondness for the Door. I promise not to slam it anymore!

Sebastian controls his excitement on the way to Door County.

Derek, Jeanna and Saffie check the Eastern shore for sea monsters.

Saffie works on her herding technique.

Saffie meet Mr. Bull . . .

. . . Mr. Bull meet Saffie.

Finding the perfect stone means everything
when you're only a stone's throw from an ice cream shop.

Al Johnson's may have goats on the roof but,
Julie's has Blumes on her chair!

"Watch it or I'll stomp the juice out of you!"

Meanwhile Sebastian tangles with a stubborn highchair.

Saffie contemplates a day well spent and
plans for tomorrow's adventures.

Grandpa toasts the Door for a fun and restful week while . . .

. . . Sebastian remains relatively unimpressed.

A complete album of the Door County Adventure (including a short video) will soon be available for viewing on Grandma Jo's Picasa page.