Monday, December 21, 2009

Cookie Time

This picture says it all. This weekend the Blume kitchen was once again the site of the "Family Christmas Cookie Bake". The one big difference this year was that Little Saffron took Aunt Summer's place at the counter. Decked out in her new Lands' End apron, Saffie stepped right up and tried her hand at decorating but soon found out that tasting was a much more rewarding job. Her Mom, Jeanna, still recuperating from the ordeal, has passed on the task of posting an account of the day. I won't even attempt to equal the cleverness of Jeanna's posts, where she tags Saffie's words and thoughts onto the photos, so I'll just pop in a few pics with my own observations.

"Saffie reporting for kitchen duty!"

"Let's start with a traditional apron dance!"

"This isn't so tough 'cept these cookies keep getting in the way."

"It is so easy, I let Mom, Dad and Grandpa it a try."

"Hey this stuff is good without cookies!"

"Hey! This is Good Eatin'!"

"I can't stand and eat so I'm gettin' out of the kitchen."

"Let's see if I can get back at those cookies with my new Teddy Bear disguise."

"Foiled again. It's hard to fool Grandma Jo!"

No cute caption. I just like the picture.

Gotta run. I think I know where Jo hid the cookies and fudge!
Merry Christmas!