Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Enjoy Spring?

I really enjoyed Spring. This year it was on February 10th. Short but sweet. Short because it only lasted one day, sweet because I found some great chocolate cookies at the hardware store in "downtown" Fennimore.
I haven't posted a blog for a while due to operation KP. The progress report is as follows: all of the wallpaper is in a landfill somewhere in Southern Wisconsin, two new electrical outlets have been installed and one repositioned, (thanks to Jeanna's dad Ross) and the ceiling has been repainted. Next on the list, plaster repair, applying "Old World" plaster texture, painting said textured walls, new counter top, sink and faucets installed, take a vacation and never do anything in the kitchen to mess it up.
In my ongoing effort to reconnect with old friends and relatives I just fired off an email to a "cousin" who (or is it whom?) I have not seen in over thirty years. He and his family lived in Northern Wisconsin where we visited yearly when I was a kid. The neat thing was that his dad was a logger and we would regularly go to the logging camps during our visits. These were days before chainsaws and other modern equipment so it was a pretty exciting experience. Somewhere I have some old photos from the 30s and 40s and even some from around the early nineteen hundreds. As soon as I locate them in our vast photo files, I'll scan a few and share those with you.
I do have one photo to share today. This time it's not one of my family but it's of someone who was like a family member. It's my old buddy Jay Urban who has been a friend since second grade. Upon our graduation from high school in 1953, Jay and I wandered to downtown Chicago in search of our fortunes. We both got jobs as art apprentices and as they say "the rest is history" (or a very, very, very long story) The photo is Jay, who is now retired and lives in a small town on the Wisconsin/Illinois border, with one of the many "cool" cars he owned (and I coveted) in the past.
Well back to KP.

Jay in 1959 with his 1956 Porsche.
(And a pretty snappy dresser as well)