Saturday, March 27, 2010

Way up Nort

Packing up to spend a week with the new Grandkid, Eddie. The nice thing about having a Mac Mini is that you can pack it up and take along on trips. Fortunately Sally and Uncas have an extra monitor just waiting to hook up with Mini. I plan to do some creative roaming around the Twin Cities while Grandma does her baby spoiling voodoo that she doo soo well. Hopefully I'll find some stuff Blogable or at least get inspired enough to make something up ala Wisconsin Hystery. I keep hearing about all these folks that are traveling and it makes us seem like a couple of Wisconsin tree stumps. Some old friends from Illinois who now live in Oregon are on a major journey across our country. I keep seeing posts from them in a different city or state everyday. Maybe we can detour them through Fennimore on their way West and hear the tales of their travels. One of my favorite Bloggers, Evilbear, is heading from his home in in Crystal Lake, Ill to explore, and photograph, the far northwestern portions of his state. In both cases lots of exciting photos are expected. (For a photographic treat check out this guy's a serious amateur photographer who makes wonderful pictures) These are just two of many of our friends who are running loose in the world while we try to decide which route to take to Minneapolis.
The next words you read on this site will be coming to you from the home of tall blonds, big malls, Super Targets, Best Buy and an undomed Major League Team. (And Prairie Home Companion)

The pea pod is finally ripe!
The "Jolly Green Giant" would be mighty proud of this little sprout.