Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Little Care Goes A Long Way!

This week JoAnne under went some surgery to fix up an internal disorder. Now the doctor showed me photos of the "disorder" and it sure looked very disorderly to my untrained eye. Although any photo of some one's innards look pretty disorderly to me. I would have liked to post some of those photos here but I couldn't get publishing rights. (If you really get off seeing that sort of thing, watch reruns of CSI at almost any hour of the day or night) The good news is that Jo is home with me all day, every day, for a couple of weeks as she recovers. The bad news is that Jo is home with me all day, every day, for a couple of weeks as she recovers. The reason that this is bad is that she gets to see what a lazy existence I lead while she's slaving away at the LE place. I keep trying to look busy but there's only so much jello a guy can make in a day. Relief came Saturday in the form of Jeanna and Little Saffie. Seems that Saffie is a registered Cheerer Upper and that's just what Grandma needed. It was a pleasant day so we all moved out to the deck (my big deck). Much to Saffie's surprise Grandma had found a Saffie sized Adirondack chair. Saffie, her friend Elmo and the puppies, Tina and Snoopy found the chair to their liking. I guess that Saffie had overheard Mom and Dad talking about Grandma's special diet because she dragged out her personal grill and started preparing a light lunch for Grandma. Suddenly, out of nowhere (actually from next door) appeared Trenton our neighbor kid. He immediately explained to Saffie that grilling was a man's job and he took over the controls. It was great fun watching the two work away at their imaginary lunch and it was a real tonic for the patient, patient.
Jo's recovery is coming along nicely. I can attest to this because she's starting to get tired of sitting around watching recordings of the Ellen show. Here's a little peek at the care givers at work.

Saffie and friends check out the new chair.

"Now Elmo, no standing or jumping on the chair."

"Just sit tight Grandma, I'll make some soup
that tastes every bit as good as the stuff you got at the hospital."

"Here, let a man take over young lady."

"You go cut up some vegetables and I'll handle the grilling."

"Wait til you taste this. It's my own recipe!"