Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hey! Hey! Holy Cow!


Wednesday was a great day in the Blume house. I finished painting the kitchen, It was 50 plus degrees out side, and I took a nice leisurely drive to Dubuque as I listened to the first Cub's game of the year. I know it was only a preseason, mean nothing game where players only participate an inning or two, but this is truly THE harbinger of Spring. What fun recognizing the names of returning favorites and trying to figure out who all those other guys are and where did they come from? One of the best things about these early season radio broadcasts is the banter between, the best radio announcers in baseball, Pat Hughes and Ron Santo as they poke fun at Ron's toupee, make up names for the players they're not familiar with and generally kid each other about anything from attire to dining experiences. Even though we're being threatened with some fairly foul weather (rain changing to sleet changing to snow) this afternoon and evening, I'll be mentally basking in the Arizona sunshine while I listen to todays game against the dreaded Brewers. The only hitch is that I don't get reception on the radio inside the house and Major League Baseball blocks out the broadcast on WGN's website. So, in order to enjoy the game I have to either sit out in the cold garage and listen on my old clock radio, ride around aimlessly in the car or (best idea yet) park the car on the lawn next to an open living room window with the volume at full blast. I suppose I may sound a little fanatical about this but, It's February in Wisconsin! Come to think of it, I could sit out on my deck with a portable radio. That would be about the same as Wrigley Field on opening day. (Although the Wind/Chill factor is probably warmer on my deck.) Gotta dig my jersey and cap out of the closet.

"Hey hot dog man!"