Friday, June 19, 2009

Headin' Up Nort

Oh Yeah, Hey Der, We're headin' up ta da Nort Woods tomorrow after a stop ta congratulate nephew Kevin on his high school graduation over der in Neenah. Goin' up ta da Mercer area ta fish, hike, picture take and generally veg out. Hope ta come back with some good, if not great, photos and some tall tales and even taller fish stories (some might be true even, don't cha know). Just ta get in the mood for the drive, I ran up ta da Twin Cities and back earlier this week. Main reason was ta return Sammy da dog ta his rightful owners, Sally and Uncas. On da way home I passed a scene that I had photographed last fall. This time I had fresh batteries in my camera so it wasn't as frustrating as last year. The story and the "Fall" photo can be found in my 10/27/08 blog "Oh Yah! Bin Up Der!". Here's the "Summer" version.

Some photog friends of mine have put me on to a technique called "Mini Photography" (or something like that) where you manipulate photos to look like miniature models. I've been playing around with it to varying success. Here's a couple of examples.

Same photo as above with a different twist.

Possibly my best effort to date.

See you in about a week with some new pics a real tall tales of the Northern Wilderness.