Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Oh say can you see?

I just realized that I had forgotten to mention a really important event the other day when I talked about our latest trip being a vacation of firsts. The FIRST that I overlooked was one of the scariest occurrences that we've experienced while traveling. (Of course none will ever equal the trip over Beartooth Pass leaving Yellowstone Park a few years ago.) Actually, there were a lot of similarities between the two trips. On both trips we experienced 90 degree weather one day and below freezing temperatures the next. The ride over Beartooth Pass took us through a visibility limiting snowstorm while on the Zion/Bryce Canyon excursion we encountered a zero-visibility sand storm. (The FIRST sand storm I've ever experienced.) We had gone from 90 degree temperatures in Las Vegas and in Zion National Park on Wednesday morning to below freezing winds that brought first, a sand and dust storm and eventually turned into cold gusts of wind and eventually snow on Thursday. Of course, there is nothing more refreshing, for a couple who just survived a Wisconsin winter which brought over 100 inches of snow to the area, than to take a desert vacation only to run into cold weather, and more snow. The photo ops at Bryce Canyon were limited to pulling off the road, jumping out of the car, snapping a couple of shots and jumping back into the car with the heater going full blast. Naturally, we had not packed with 25 degree temperatures in mind. Jo didn't even have any long pants with her. (That's very surprising for someone who usually packs enough to clothe the Radio City Rockettes on a world tour.) Below, I've tried to simulate the kind of scenery we experienced late Wednesday afternoon in Southern Utah and the snowy greeting we got in Bryce Canyon Thursday morning.

Did I mention the FIRST place Cubs who just won 4 in a row!!!