Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tales of the Northwoods (part one)

Yeah, I've been back for days and haven't blogged in. I've really been having trouble sorting out my thoughts of the trip. I guess I just need to jump in with the first thing that comes to mind. As usual, it's the goofy stuff that leaps out. I was fortunate enough to be a first-hand witness to an example of old fashioned "Up North" child abuse. While enjoying a pleasant afternoon motor boating with Mark, Kate and Chase, (our landlords/friends/hosts/cottage barons) we pulled into a quiet little cove to try our hand at some fishing. The girls (Kate and Jo) spent most of the time catching up on office gossip and the guys did some serious nightcrawler drowning. Chase hooked the first fish, a rather nice Walleye. I guess that this irked his dad who, almost immediately yanked a good sized Yellow Perch out of the water in such a manner that it released its grip on the hook and proceeded to slap Chase smack in the head. You might say that he was "Phish Phaced" or "Caught a Perch in the Puss". This, so called, disciplinary action seemed to work because Chase caught no more fish after that. The whole thing happened so fast that I had no time to record the incident. But, I can quote Chase's verbal reaction, "I can't believe that you just hit me in the face with a perch!". Jo and I each caught, and released, small Northern Pikes and Mark capped off the day by landing a very nice sized Smallmouth Bass. Then he took his boat and went home. Kate went "fishless" for the day but didn't seem to mind. She probably didn't want to risk being "Bass Bashed". That pretty well wraps up our first day on the flowage.
More adventures and wildlife spotting tall tales to come . . .

Chase with the first catch of the day.

Mark with the final catch of the day.

Dad, Mark, explains the theory of
nuclear fission to son, Chase.

Jo and Kate discuss world peace and
the international economic situation.

Master fisherperson, Ron, with prize catch of the day.
A rare multi-branched Logfish.

Chase emerges from boat after being
tonneaued in dry dock.