Monday, March 28, 2011


Recently a friend/photographer, who goes by the handle "evilbear" (have no idea why) posted an example of turning a rather nothing photo into a interesting image by using PhotoShop methods. In the mean time I've been sitting here trying to come up with a new Blog of my own. Evil's piece was just enough to get the coals of imagination glowing. Out on the edge of town there is a barn that is slowly crumbling away due to neglect and age. The ravages of Wisconsin's harsh winters, blistering summers and cheese breath has finally taken its toll on old "Barney". Over the past couple of years I watched "Barney" deteriorate a little more each month. I really wished there was something I could do to comfort this old guy. I'm guessing that "Barney" is probably somewhere around the same age as me and if I were to fall into such a sad state of repair, I would hope some one would come to my aid. Physically there isn't much I can do to fix up "Barney" but maybe I could restore some of his dignity photographically. I have spent considerable time researching the structure itself as well as the surrounding foliage, atmospheric pressure, ground water table and global warming. Armed with a brain full of useless information I set out to bring "Barney" back to life. I replaced as many planks as possible, got the trees to sprout new leafs, greened up the grass and weeds and even got rid of that old horse trailer. The road in the foreground was pretty distracting so I modified that to one lane. I had considered putting another coat of paint on him but I ran out of red paint when Jo and I went out on the town the other night. All in all I think "Barney" turned out fairly well but, I'm afraid if too many "Barney" owners see the results, I may be up to my manure spreader in requests for cosmetic barn surgery. Oh, yeah! Here's how "Barney" turned out!!!