Saturday, April 19, 2008

Go Cubs Go!

This little guy will be showing up, hopefully, quite a bit this baseball season. The Cubs managed to rack up another win yesterday. As if it's not hard enough dealing with the Green and Gold fans in the winter, I have a neighborhood of Milwaukee Brewers fans surrounding me all summer. Thanks to satellite TV, access to home game tickets and a lust for travel, we are able to follow OUR Cubs all season long. In the past, there have been years when we haven't set foot in Wrigley Field but somehow ended up in a city where the Cubs were playing. For instance, last year, no trips to Wrigley but a trip to Colorado just happened to coincide with a Cubs visit to Coors Stadium. (no "W" flag that day) Maybe this year we can frame the stubs from a World Series game next to the unused playoff tickets from last year.

Seems that Springtime brings all the little birds out. In St. Louis the Cardinals come out to play. In Baltimore the Orioles and in Fennimore, the Finches. Here's a shot of a little guy that stopped by the other day.