Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Still Alive?

Where's Grandpa been?

Just realized that it's been over a month since the last post. (Actually I was reminded by the wife person) It's not like nothing has been going on. I guess I just get lazy or, by the time I think of something to post, I get an idea for another one. Usually while I'm on on one of my driving excursions I get my great ideas. I even compose them in my mind but, by the time I get back to the computing thing, it's lost. (Too bad cuz some really good stuff is floating around out there in never, never land) I'm considering getting one of those voice recording gizmos.
As a matter of fact since the last post we've had a ninetieth birthday, a christening, a first tooth, at least one trip to the Twin Cities, Evansville and Madison. I cruised the Mississippi river shore line stalking the not so elusive Tundra Swan. I even had a "Man Date" grocery shopping excursion with a neighbor who is equally nutty about the super market experience. (Just take my word for it, we had a great time and scored some real savings at the cash register.)
And! Just this past weekend we celebrated our 39th wedding anniversary early by treating each other to dinner and a The Mannheim Steamroller Christmas concert in Madison. (It was an late afternoon performance so us not so youngsters could get home at a reasonable hour.)
All in all it's been a pretty busy month and rather than trying to tell about it in several hundred thousand words, I'll just drop in a few photos of the highlights.

Great Grandma gets an unexpected assist from Saffie.

A few of the hundreds of Sandhills gathered along the Wisconsin River
near Spring Green flipping me "The Wing" before they continue their journey South.

(Someone took the time to count over fifteen hundred of them)

Some of the thousands of swans on a stop over
on the Mississippi near Brownsville Minnesota.

(Just about ten miles south of La Crosse)
Picture quality suffered from being threatened by some renegade geese
who are in a witness protection program.

Edith either squeezing out a her first tooth or just another baby toot!
(Must be all that "Pull My Finger" training)

Don't know? I expected a German construction gang doing road work.