Sunday, July 17, 2011

Price is Right or Deal No Deal?

While spending the past week in Minnesota, I had the chance to watch quite a bit of TV (HD TV I may add). One morning, it may have been Thursday, I tuned in to one of my favorite game shows, The Price is Right, when what to my wondering eyes did appear - a jolly young man in an Armani suit. It wasn't Santa, it wasn't Drew Carey, it was none other than our President, Barack Obama. It struck as an odd coincidence, the Prez speaking to us about the National budget in a time slot usually devoted to giddy, greedy, goofy acting housewives and college students trying to win something they don't really need for nothing. Ironically each prize that's won actually benefits our economy in way of some kind of "now you got it, now pay taxes on it" tax. Barack didn't have a wheel to spin or curtains with unknown stuff behind them or even pretty models with shiny aluminum attache cases, just his mouth and, I assume a teleprompter. I tried to concentrate on what he was saying and, although I won't be expecting any prizes, I guess it pretty much summed up as "The Price WILL be Right!" I don't want to get into anything political here so let's move on to another observation from a week of HD TV viewing.

What the hell happened to Bob? Remember Bob the guy who was the envy of all his neighbors and the idol of all his neighbor's wide eyed wives. Bob who by taking a certain little pill had improved the size of that certain part of the male anatomy. Well, I did did a little research and found out what happened to old smiley. It seems that at a neighborhood cookout one of Bob's many female admirers got her frilly little beach coverup a little to close to the chestnuts roasting on an open fire and lit up like an America's Got Talent contestant. Bob, in his haste to smoother the smoldering suiter, tripped over that certain part of his oversized male anatomy, bonked his head and rendered himself unconscious. Firemen, who were called to the scene, mistakenly grabbed that certain part of Bob's male anatomy and tried to attach it to a nearby hydrant, turned it on and . . . now all parts of Bob's anatomy are scattered over the once lusty neighborhood. So, no more smug smiley face hawking illusions of greater dimensions and giggly, jiggly housewives will have to take their fantasies elsewhere.
At least we all have the assurance of our President that bigger, and better things lay ahead. And, there are plenty of game shows to help provide tax dollars to offset our country's deficit.

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