Sunday, April 19, 2009

Saffy, you're not in Iowa . . . !

Grandma Jo strikes again! Not satisfied with the wonderful little shiny black shoes for Saffy's first Easter, Jo took her quest a little farther, over the rainbow to be exact. Now little Saffy has the means to make that journey. I guess Snoopy and Tina will go by the names, Toto 1 and Toto 2 and join forces to fight off the Wicked Witch of the West and her Flying Monkeys. Jo is rehearsing as Good Witch of The North. (In my research, I found that in the original story it was The Good Witch of The North that gave Dorothy silver slippers. But, to take advantage of the wonders of Technicolor, the movie makers changed them to ruby red) I'll be content staying behind the curtain calling out encouragement to adventurous little traveler. Here are a few pics of Saffy preparing for the journey.

Saffy dons her best Cubs outfit hoping that a "Good Witch"
will cast a spell for a World Series Championship for the Boys in Blue.

Okay, the slippers pass the taste test.

"How do these things work?"

"Do these shorts make me look fat?"

"I thought this road was made of yellow bricks."

"Damn Flying Monkeys!"