Monday, May 19, 2008

You are officially in Spring

I want to start off with some really exciting news. This morning I found an item in the paper announcing the release, next month, of a new memory card for digital cameras that will label photos by location. Wow! What a boon for the "Elderly" amongst us. Not only will I be able to identify where I took a picture but, now I can identify where I'm at while out roaming around. Such a deal. For $129 you can get a 2 gigabyte SD memory card, shoot a whole lot of pics AND know where you're at all at once. This could put "You are here" Xs out of business. Now on to Spring. Among the many signs of Spring's arrival in Southwest Wisconsin are the menacing "Citywide Garage Sales", the fresh, bright green of the new growth of leaves on the trees, the roar of lawn mowers and the sweet scent of Lilacs. (Oh yeah! It's also time for Cub's fans to announce, "This is THE year!") To prove our dedication to follow local customs, we have tried to partake of as many activities as possible. This past weekend we joined about 50 other folks around town with "treasures" pouring out of their garages and down their driveways. Real low prices and "Big Town" sales pitches helped make our little sale pretty successful. The trees are handling their job of growing new leaves very well. Although I can't say that I'll be very happy about these same leaves next fall, they really look nice right now. Probably one of the best things in Springtime is the scent of the Lilacs both out in the yard and in vases around the house. The aroma of the Lilacs is only challenged by that of freshed baked cookies so I included the two in one picture. The mad gardener enjoys the pleasure of bringing a little of her garden into the home and it gives me some really great photo subjects. Here are a couple of shots including the mad gardener, garage saleswoman, lawnmower herself.
In the near future I'm going to try to make my first appearance on Photoshop Express which is a site where I can display my photos for all the world to see. (Or, at least, some of my close relatives) If I can perform a successful download, I'll post a link for any of you that might be interested can look in on. If it works, you will have the opportunity to be bored with photo albums of our travels, as well as my "artistic" attempts.
You'll be the first to know when it's available.