Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Weekend That Was!

Most folks spend the Memorial Day weekend relaxing, traveling, cooking out, visiting, parading and even memorializing. Not the Blume folks. No, we try to do all of the above and even a few more things. In order to fit everything in we started our weekend on Thursday with a really BIG celebration. Actually a BIG celebration in a small way. We added another Blume to the family. Thursday evening we all, Derek, Jeanna, Jeanna's Mom and Dad, Jo and I, and of course Saffron, gathered at Christ Lutheran Church in Deforest, WI where Derek and Jeanna were married. After a lovely ceremony the group invaded Ginza, a Japanese steak house for dinner and everyone had a great time until the chef scared the crap out of Saffy with his extreme "Onion Volcano". On Friday Saffy and the puppies, who had spent the night at our house, were redeposited with D & J as Jo and I were off to Minnesota to spend the rest of the weekend with Sally, Uncas and Sammy. After a relatively routine drive, we arrived in Minneapolis where we were treated to some homemade brownies, and did what all red blooded Americans do . . . played Wii into the wee hours (A real holiday Wii wee). Saturday was a day spent at the Minnesota Zoo matching people with the animals they resembled (you should have seen the ones that matched these two guys), overeating at an Italian restaurant and more Wii (JoAnne has been enshrined into the "Guitar Hero" Hall of Fame). Sunday Uncas and I hooked the Nimz "yatcht" to the rear of the old VW and headed off in search of Moby Dick while the women did woman things like planting Hostas (imported from Fennimore) and shopping. Both groups were quite successful, the boys pulled in thousands of Pan Fish and the girls pulled in thousands of bargains. The boys returned the fish to the lake but the girls brought their catch home. The day ended with a late night "Guitar Hero" concert of some newly purchased tunes. Monday we were back on the road heading home. An uneventful four hour drive and we were back in Fennimore and our palactial Hosta covered estate. All in all a really good holiday. When we arrived home we were reminded of what the holiday was all about. A wake was being held a the funeral home across the street. What an appropriate finish to "Memorial" weekend.

A few of the thousands of Blue Gills and the two Crappies
that fell prey to the mighty hunters!