Friday, May 1, 2009

Ah, Spring!

Spring is certainly upon us. I've already reported on Pete's Hamburger stand opening for it's one hundredth season and showed pictures of Great Blue Herons nesting. And, I've introduced the use of fresh fruit for communication. But I've done a little road tripping in search of more signs. Below are a few more of the Springtime sights around here.

Lot of these little guys around and more every day. Cheese and ice cream for everyone!

A future rodeo star

Mom in the birthing room while
dad hangs out in the waiting room.

This my "find of the week".
A pair of Sandhill Cranes complete with a couple of eggs.

And the surest sign of all!!!
The neighbor kid dragging out his mower
for the first cut of the season.

Can't wait for him to get big enough
to cut the lawn for the old guy next door.