Saturday, August 1, 2009

Upgrade, Update, Upset!

Being a typical citizen of the Twentieth Century, I'm all in favor of "uping" anything. This is not to be confused with"UPing" as it refers to heading north to the "UP". Although we did go "UPing earlier this summer. The "uping" that I'm talking about concerns another in the series of updating, upgrading and upsetting that has taken place in the Blume house recently. In the past year I've put you regular readers through loads of words and pictures about many of these "ups" like, the new Honda Accord, a new, more efficient furnace, a new granddaughter, and the entire "uping" of our kitchen. As you may recall, the whole kitchen thing started with upgrading our kitchen garbagecan to a shiny red and chrome one. This led to a bright red KitchenAid mixer, which led to a bright red toaster and tea kettle, which led to a bright any color that coordinated with bright red. This included repainted walls, a new counter top, towels, pot holders, curtains and swinging doors. But some "up" was missing. Upon close examination, we discovered that our existing dishware wasn't visually compatible with the rest of the "up" decor. After a great deal of in depth investigation an acceptable sale was found. To the sale! Remember the old saying, "you have to spend a lot of money to save a lot of money"? (I always thought that you could save even more by not spending any to start with.) Anyway, we bought some really wonderful dishes and, may I add, saved a lot of money doing it. These new beauties now reside in our kitchen cupboard but really deserve to be in a glass doored cabinet. (Oh, Oh! This could lead to another "up".)
The dishes are so great that, to avoid damaging them, we seldom actually eat off of them. If you have a chance, stop by for a free viewing (between the hours of 8am - 5pm) or just look below for a photographic peek at these babies. There's also a photo of our backup (everyday) dinnerware.
And someday, if you have time, I'll show you the thousands of photos I have of the other UP.

The everyday "China".
These are the extra heavy-duty
upgrade model.

Okay! Here's just one UP photo.
Jo above Lake of the Clouds.