Friday, August 1, 2008

Swish, Swosh, Swish!!!

I'm not sure if that's the sound of the Cubs sweeping the series with the Brewers or the sound of the Brewer's bats missing fastballs and sliders. At any rate, it's been a pleasant week up here in "Cheese World". Admittedly, the Brews threw some pretty heavy stuff at our Boys in Blue. A two hundred ninety pound, seemingly unbeatable, hurler, an All Star game starter, last year's rookie of the year and a Prince of a first baseman. And on the other side of the field, Bang! Crack! Slam! and almost, Ouch! Even the Chicago style Hot Dog took two out of three sausage races from the Brat. Brewer fans should look at the brighter side of this. The crew will be to able take advantage of the early hunting season in October. Maybe CC, Ben, Ryan and Corey can join Bret out in the woods. Well it's time to suit up and get the old TV warmed up for todays game.
See ya in da bleachers!!!

All was quiet in Fennimore Thursday evening . . .
except on the corner of 10th and Grant!