Wednesday, February 4, 2009

And the beat goes on . . .

After a weekend of babysitting, Superbowling, and overeating, it's back to the kitchen war. (Operation Kitchen - OK) We're getting ready for the final assault. One last stubborn stretch of wallpaper to attack and we're ready for it.

Just a few thoughts about the past weekend. Babysitting, as usual, was Grandma Jo's delight. She rarely put little Saffron down for two days. Got to admit, the kid's pretty cute and certainly good natured. She seems to really enjoy all the attention Grandma gives her. And, she has really become quite a mugger when a camera appears. Thank God for digital photography. Without it all of the KP funds would have been spent on photo processing. I won't bore you with the thousands of "Saffy" pics but, I can't go without throwing in a few cute ones. One thought about the Super Bowl. After spending many years on both sides of the bar, on Super Sunday my thoughts turn to one thing, football pools. What a gut wrenching fourth quarter it must have been for the participants in those pools. I've lost count of the score changes during the last couple of minutes. The dreams of dollars, from one or two to thousands came and went with completed pass or a painful penalty. The good that comes out of being on the losing end of a pool in a bar is that you usually get a free drink from the lucky sucker that won the big bucks.
Well it's time to load up my ammo and hit the wall. (Literally)
Here's Saffy!