Friday, March 27, 2009

Blog Clog

I guess it's been more than a week since my last post. I don't have a reasonable reason for not posting except all of my great "Blogworthy" ideas took off for Spring Break. Sure we took a quick trip to Chicago to visit my mom, daughter Elaine and my new Grandnephew Gavin, and we got together with Derek, Jeanna and Saffron a few times, and Elaine and grandaughters Catherine and Elizabeth ventured into Wisconsin to see Saffron and family, and Jo and I drove down The River to Savannah Illinois for a picnic at The Palisades. Just nothing overly Blogable. In Mother Nature's world it's a time of change. Things are shifting around. Eagles heading farther north, Vultures taking over their "hunting grounds". The big migrations haven't gotten this far up the river yet. Although I did see a small flock of Pelicans a couple of days ago and the Blue Herons are nesting (at least down Chicago way). And I did manage to get a few photos of them while driving back from Chicago two weekends ago. The biggest event (actually there are two) was that I discovered that by reading the instruction book for my camera, I found out how to increase my zoom to 48x. Now all I have to do is find out how to hold the camera still long enough to get a sharp image. Big event 2 is that I bought a film/transparancey scanner. This means that when I dig out my old negatives and slides I can start scanning them and bore you to death with thousands of old pictures. Wow a whole new supply of stuff that I can make up lies about. For now I only have a couple of shots of "Heron Town" on the AT&T campus outside Chicago.

These were taken before my giant zoom discovery.
Next time you'll be able to read the logos on these guys caps