Thursday, February 2, 2012


Life in Fennimore is good. Really comfortable, quiet and laid back. Although I must admit that time to time I miss the hustle and bustle of Chicago. In general, most of the "things" of Chicago are available in one form or another (without the hustle and bustle). Except . . . Italian Beef Sangwitches. As much as I have tried to find one of these juicy bundles of zesty beef I almost always come up disappointed. Of course being in Wisconsin, it is insisted that the sandwich is covered with mozzarella (I guess that is Wisconsin for Italian) Even places that come close beefwise usually completely miss on the bread which is an integral part of the unit. I could go on for paragraphs praising the "Joy of Beef" but I found this article that tells the story better than I can. If this whets your curiosity (and appetite) I'm always available for a road trip for a "sangwitch". Both my son (Derek) and I have tried various recipes and come fairly close but still not quite there. There is a Lukes restaurant on the outskirts of Elkhorn Wis. (near Lake Geneva) where, I think, they serve Scalas beef and import Gonnella bread. And I have recently found a place in Galena (with a branch in Dubuque) that has Italian Beef Sandwiches on their menu. I plan to give them a try . . . soon! Here's the whole story including a recipe that I'm going to try as soon as I can find acceptable bread.