Friday, April 2, 2010

I Stand Corrected

Last week I posted a Blog titled "Way Up Nort". Upon my arrival in Minnesoda I was advised that, not only did I mispronounce Nord wrong, but I also misspelled it doncha know. Now since I bin up here a while ya know, I've brushed up on proper talkin'. We bin seein' the little kid, Eddie and his ma and pa. Dey're all prutty well too anyways. On a hot tip from da TV guy I went a ways up Nord ta see where a bunch of eagles bin hangin' out on some lake with lots of dead fish. When I got up der da froze up lake was all full of water and, I guess dem eagles musta ate up all dem dead fishes, cuz they were gone ya know. (Probably the same bunch we seen last week by La Crosse heading further Nord.) So I bin jus spending time any how eatin' watchin' the T and V and diddlin' with the computing machine while Eddie's ma and grandma run around doin' what ever he asks. His dad, Uncas, takes off in the mornin' for someplace he calls work while I study the lifestyles of the Nordwegian and the rest of dose blond folks at malls and liqueur stores. Tomorrow, if I manage to drag Grandma away, we head back down Soud to da Fennimore town. It'll be good to get home and start talking good old Wisconsin lingo again a na hey? I had planned on a lot of great eagle pictures but I found a better subject right here.

Here's Fast Eddie da new kid dat lives up Nord!

I got the feelin' this kid's going to be an orator.
Or an opera singer.

Maybe a politician. He's already trying to pat himself on the back.

Time to quit. I think he's getting bored.