Thursday, July 16, 2009

Walk The Walk!

Just a quickie about a little fun I had the other day while taking my Mother-In-Law to a Dr. appointment in Madison. She received passing grades from the Doc so we decided to celebrate by going out to lunch. We called Jeanna and asked if she and Saffy wanted to join us. She did, we ate and as we started to leave the restaurant, I was struck by one of those "great" ideas that I have so often. Jo's mom uses a walker to help her get around nowadays and, Saffy is just learning to walk. Maybe that walker could be of use to both of them. We already know it works for Vi (Jo's mom) but will it aid in Saffy's attempt to solo. After Vi got comfy in the back seat I acquainted little Saffy with the walker by placing her in the little basket compartment. That was it, she was so content to just sit and be driven around that walking didn't seem necessary. The pictures below illustrate how easily she took to "walker".

Grandma Jo provides the power while
Mommy, Jeanna, nods approval.

"Is this as fast as this thing goes?"

"Wanna race?"
"I bet my Greatgrandma can beat your Greatgrandma!"