Thursday, June 9, 2011

How Grand

Last January Newsweek listed Grand Rapids, Michigan as one of the top ten cities in decline. I lived in Grand Rapids for a few years working for a couple of ad agencies. Actually, we packed up our "62 Beetle with our treasured possessions, along with daughter Elaine and baby Derek, and left our downtown Chicago apartment for the call of the wild North. Now GR is no NY, NY, but it has its charm and its own brand of excitement. Amway is just one town away, Holland MI with its tulips is a short distance in the other direction, Lake Michigan beaches are fairly close and former President Jerry Ford came from GR. (It even sports a museum bearing his name) At one time GR was probably the "Office Furniture Capital of the US and SteelCase Corp, is still located there. (I think) At any rate, GR, undoubtedly had its hackles hackled by the Newsweek article and have replied with what Roger Ebert called "The greatest music video ever made". Even though I was never madly in love with GR, I did enjoy living there and met some wonderful folks, some of who are friends to this day. After watching this video I what a nice place it really was and how I hope that their spirit will keep it off of Newsweek's (or anybody else's dying town lists. What makes this video even more incredible is that it was (supposedly) shot in one take. Take a look at a "dying town".