Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Funny Thing Happened On My Way To..

37 years ago today, equipped with a Rolls Royce limo on loan from a friend, a new 3-piece suit, a couple of gold rings (created by another friend) and accompanied by my best friend, a beautiful young lady attired in a dress sewn with love by still another friend, I stepped onto the Northwestern University campus to begin my pursuit of higher education. And what an education it turned out to be. I attended classes in parenting, patience, humility, sorrow, forgiveness, repentance, the value of friendship and, above all, love. I learned to endure bad times as well as good times. My professors were many, they came from every direction, from different walks of life and probably never realized the roles that they were playing in my life, and, that beautiful young lady put the class into classmate. She not only shared those 37 years of "education", but guided me through them. She was my tutor, companion, lover, inspiration and best buddy. She helped me pass my tough tests while she aced some really tough ones her own. When I stood in that little chapel on the NU campus I put my first 37 years behind me and started fresh. Now, I have another 37 years behind me as I look forward the next semester.
Every Thanksgiving I have another year of marriage to be thankful for, thanks to the friends, family and that beautiful young lady in the homemade dress who helped make it possible !

Thanks Jo! I love you.

On the trail to many more happy years!