Thursday, April 24, 2008

More Signs of Spring

Took out a small business loan, filled up with gas and went searching for some signs of Spring. I knew that Spring couldn't be too far off because I couldn't afford enough gas to go real far. Fortunately, out our way you don't have to travel very far to find nature at it's best.
(Did I mention that the Cubs won their sixth straight last night?) Driving the back roads is like cruising down streets lined with art galleries. I've been wowed by places like Santa Fee, New Mexico, Oak Street in Chicago and even, right here in Mineral point, Wisconsin. As wonderful as the art in these places is, the scenery around here is every bit as beautiful. And, it's free. The gate in the picture below could well be defined as the door to a gallery. Beyond it lies works of art in every direction. (Six in a row) An uprooted birch tree becomes a graceful sculpture, as does the upward thrust of a nearby silo. And, doesn't that group of Wisconsin beauties resemble a Rembrandt masterpiece. Well, just driving around alone does get one's imagination a liitle warped.

Oh yes, there is one more sign of Spring that one must be aware of while driving the Wisconsin back roads....