Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Chex Mix Roasting on an Open Fire........

In our home nothing signals the start of the Holiday Season than the aroma of well seasoned Chex-Mix floating through the house on a crisp winter day. (Not counting adorning each and every window with candles) This year is no different. Except! That little wisp of aroma had a little more pungent flare to it. Like a good steak, Chex-Mix should not be cooked "well done". Seems that the new more powerful microwave is going through its first Holiday Season and doesn't quite know how to act in the face of good cheer. But have no fear all of you spicy finger tipped friends who hope to partake of the year's vintage. There is plenty of medium to medium well Mix to go around. Now, I'm not a big Chex-Mix snacker, (it don't mean a thing without that chocolate zing) but it does stir fine Holiday memories. Let me try to explain this. Experts may not agree on the accuracy of my account but, "who's telling this story?". Back around 1894 a couple of guys down in St. Louis introduced a hot wheat based breakfast cereal which was originally called Hot Ralstons. After some time people got lazy and didn't want to take the time and effort to heat up their morning mush so the guys at the St. Louis headquarters cooled things off by introducing an easier to prepare cold cereal that they called Shredded Ralston. In 1937 they changed the name to Wheat Chex. (a couple of years after I was named Ronald) The Chex name probably was derived from their St. Louis home, Checkerboard Square. About 10 years later the cousins, Rice Chex and Corn Chex arrived on the scene. As a kid I really liked Wheat Chex. That covers the Chex part of the story. Now the Mix. A major reason that I, and thousands of kids like me, gulped bowlful after bowlful of Wheat Chex was because of the endorsement of a great American cowboy hero of radio, movies and comic books, Tom Mix. Through ads in comic books and on his daily radio show Tom urged his loyal fans to eat Wheat Chex and grow up to fight evil like him. (The evil was mainly in the form of rustlers, bank robbers and ferocious injuns) And, as an incentive Tom offered numerous trinkets that could be obtained by merely sending in a few thousand Wheat Chex box tops and a dime or a quarter. Kids my age spent a great deal of time eating cereal and waiting by the mail box. So, that's the reason that the scent of Chex-Mix filling my home brings a tear to my eye. (expect this year when the smoke actually brought the tears) Chex that enabled me to keep our yard free of rustlers, bank robbers and ferocious injuns and the Mix in memory of my Ten Gallon Hatted Hero Tom. Here are a few pics to back up my story. And a little jingle that incouraged all us younguns.

Shredded Ralston for your breakfast Starts the day off shining bright;
Gives you lots of cowboy energy With a flavor that's just right!
It's delicious and nutritious, Bite sized, and ready to eat
Take a tip from Tom: Go and tell your mom:
"Shredded Ralston can't be beat!"

Checkerboard Square.
Oh! Did I mention that a lot of our four legged friends
grew up on Ralston Products?

Typical magazine ad for Shredded Ralston.

A man who needs no introduction!

Some of the fine, quality prizes that every
Red Blooded American boy could not live without.