Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More Small Town Wild Life!

Even though the saying goes, "Coot today, gone tomorrow", that doesn't hold true up here in Southwest Wisconsin. Yesterday, on my way to meet JoAnne and her mom for some docotor's appointments in the "Big City" (Madison), I decided to take a less scenic route. One of the highlights of this road is passing the "SuperMax" prison. It runs along the south side of the mighty Wisconsin River and passes other points of interest such as a house with the entire yard fenced in with old motorcycles and helmets on each post. (I'll post some pics of this in the future) You also pass through the town of Muscoda (oddly pronounced Mus-ca-day). Muscoda proudly proclaims itself as "The Morel Mushroom Capital of Wisconsin". As if these breathtaking wonders weren't enough, much of the area is wetland and with the spring flooding a haven for waterfowl. I watched for my new friend, the Coot, who left without even telling me his name. I saw lots of ducks, a few Herons and even a pair of Sandhill Cranes. But, then I spotted it. A Bald Eagle's nest and it looked like mom (or dad) was home. I took some pictures but wasn't sure about the presence until I downloaded the pics this morning. This is pretty exciting to me because usually as the ice melts off the "Big River", the eagles head north and you don't see too many of these magnificent birds until next winter. So, it's nice to have a few around during the warmer months. It's starting to sound like my retirement life is "for the birds" and in a large respect it is. Hopefully my stories will take some more humorous turns in the future. Next week we'll be spending in Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon and other Southwestern hotspots that should provide some interesting experiences. (If not, I'll just make up some funny stories)