Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Little Back Talk

After nine days, over two thousand miles of driving and a five pound weight gain, I'm back. So let's talk. What a great trip. We encountered a lot of interesting wildlife including, a coyote (no picture, we were right next to it reaching for my camera when it was scared off by a motorcycle), many ducks, geese, cranes, herons and swans, (got some pictures of these guys), and of course, you can't travel in Wisconsin or Michigan without an occasional deer. We saw wonderful scenery, pine forests, waterfalls and grand hotels. We drove, we hiked, we took a ferry ride, and bounched around in a horse drawn taxi. We searched out places from our past lives and reunited with some dear friends that we haven't seen in many years. We drove at high speeds on divided highways and five miles an hour on one lane dirt roads. There were times when we relied on our trusty GPS (Wanda) and times when we completely disregarded "her" suggestions. I performed quite a few expert U-Turns. (most were expertly performed) During one long stretch of travel (with my copilot fast sleep beside me) I composed an hilarious blog post. It was so funny that I almost woke Jo up laughing to myself. I wish that I could remember it. You would have laughed your heads off. I'm finding it really difficult to pick out one or two particular highlights to feature although, between Jo and I, we have around a thousand beautiful photos that we'd love to share. Hey! Wait! Don't log off. I'm working really hard at edit them down to a precious few. How's this? Why don't I do a few of installments of highlights with some real special pics? I gonna go now and start editing and trying to remember that funny blog that's lurking somewhere in my sick mind. I'll close this episode with the memory of a BIG highlight of the trip. The first day out we were able to listen on the car radio to the entire game were the Cubs clinched the division championship . And, finally, as I sweat over this hot computer, JoAnne and Derek are preparing to attend this evening's playoff game at Wrigley Field.

Second morning out. Saw this beautiful little lake.
Executed a U-Turn a few miles down the road
and returned to take a picture. Only while lining up the shot
did I realize that the swans were present.
(I like to call it Dawn Swan)