Saturday, June 13, 2009

DOG DAYS - (and nights)

Ah yes it's the dog days of Summer (and Derek and Jeanna). This weekend Jo and I are blessed with a visit from all the grandpuppies. On Thursday I rendezvoused with Jeanna on a secluded road on the outskirts of Mount Horeb to pick up the kids, Tina and Snoopy. Seems as how Saffron was taking Mom and Dad to Chicago to catch a couple of Cubs games and the pups needed a friendly place to stay for a few days. The transfer was made, Saffy woke up long enough to give Grandpa a sly little smile and went back to that baby dreamland where Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Toothfairy and babysitting Grandpas dwell. Friday I saddled up the Honda and headed North to meet Sally to make a similar pickup at a Dairy Queen in Wabasha, Minnesota, home of the National Eagle Center and location for the film "Grumpy Old Men". (Seemed like a logiacal place for someone who likes eagles and is an old, not too grumpy, man) This weekend Sally was taking Uncas to Duluth for his sister's wedding and puppy, Sammy, needed a friendly place to wag his tail for a few days. The switch from one Honda to another was so smooth that Sammy was hardly aware of the change until we drove off and left his beloved mommy standing outside the Dairy Queen spooning up a Blizzard. After the required time of whining and looking out of the window Sammy settled in for some rest to prepare himself for some good-natured jousting with cousin Snoopy. The trip back to Fennimore, although the weather and scenery were beautiful and wildlife spotting was plentiful, was marred by my good friends, the Cubs. I had lost the WGN (Chicago) broadcast of the game but was unfortunate enough to tune in to the Minnesota broadcast. Well they certainly didn't candy-coat the Cubs play (or lack of, or lack luster, or just plain crappy). Once again the Cubs managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Back home Tina and Snoopy anxiously awaited my return with cousin Sammy. Upon our arrival all @#$% broke loose Sammy jumped on Snoopy and the two didn't stop a bumping, jumping open-jawed rough house that made WWF Wrestlers and Ultimate Fighters look like the University of Chicago Chess Team. In the mean time, Tina managed to use her best hiding tactics and stayed clear of the younger combatants. Somewhere around 10pm a time out was called (actually I think it was more of a rejuvenation period) and all three "pups" and Grandpa took a breather. Bedtime approached and sleeping arrangements were made . . . everyone in one bed. Tina found a safe haven curled up between Grandpa's legs while Tina, Sammy and Grandma jockeyed for comfy positions in the remaining ninety seven percent of the bed. Things finally quieted down, that is until, about 2:30am, when Sammy felt that it might be funny to stir things up a little by jumping on Snoopy and barking a little. Grandma, in her Grandmaish, wisdom thought that they might need to go out and out they went. That did the trick. The fresh air perked everyone up a little while before the gentle snores of Tina and Grandma once again filled the room . . . for at least two more hours. Well it's Saturday and everyone had a early morning nap, a hardy breakfast and, in some cases, a long walk. (Grandpa and Tina opted for a short walk and some quiet time alone) Things have pretty much quieted down for a while as we prepare for the next round of "Death Duel 2". Saffy and her folks are still in Chicago and are hoping to cheer them Cubs on to a victory today. (There is a possibility that if they lose again, Saffron may be banned from attending future games. Her record is 0 and 2) Watch for her out in the Bleachers today wearing her little pink cubs outfit. Tomorrow Saffy and family return to Wisconsin and Jo and I are bringing Tina and Snoopy home then Monday I'm off to the Twin Cities to return what's left of Sammy. If there's any outstanding stuff on the trip you'll hear about here. (It will be kind of a "Hear, Here")

Sammy stands watch while Grandpa,
Snoopy and Tina recharge their batteries.