Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Just About Too Much!!!

This blog is definitely about "Too Much". Part of the reason for so much dead time between postings is that so much has been going on that I haven't had the courage to select just one thing to write about. We've had births and birthdays, graduations and congratulations, grand kids and Grandkids, sport's moments and moments in sports. So, in no particular order, I'll try to briefly recap a few of the recent highlights. Starting with the biggest news this week. On Wednesday, June twenty ninth, Jo and I hit the road once more to get Up Nord in time to be on hand when the newest Grandkid dropped into our lives. Not wishing to disappoint Grandma Jo, Edith Ann (Edie) arrived Thursday night at around 10 o'clock. No lightweight, she weighed in at 9 pounds 10 ounces and stands at 1 foot 10 inches. In typical fashion, she eats, sleeps and poops. I guess that's a sign of that everything's working okay. Big Brother Eddie seems to accept little sister Edie as a permanent figure around the house. Little does he know what's in store for him. For real details and numerous photos, Mommy Summer and Grandma Jo will be happy to provide enough to satisfy any interest. Here are a couple of my favorites -

Eddie meets Edie.

Grandma Jo wastes no time explaining
the fine points of the "Granny Code".

Wow! Kids nowadays learn sign language at really early age.
She could already pass her driver's test.

On other news fronts we had Grandkid, Elizabeth graduate from the University of Chicago, Catherine from Prospect High and "West Coast Roy" the San Jose longboard expert will be heading to high school next year. Elizabeth is pursuing continuing education at Chicago while sister Catherine takes her musical (and social) talents to Saint Louis University in ....St. Louis. (you know it's right across the street front Wash U.) The West coast Blumes Rey, Mina and Roy continue to wow thousands with their musical prowess. Rey on trumpet attends U of California at Berkley, Mina, on Trombone, has traded her soccer cleats for whatever you wear to play Lacrosse and Roy reels off saxophone riffs while reeling off some hot longboard moves. (I'm told that a longboard is a, dah, long skateboard) Rounding off the Grandkid news, Saffron is hoping to enter either Yale or Harvard this fall. (I don't think she will meet the height requirement) In the meantime she's extremely busy teaching little brother Sebastian how to wrap Grandma around your finger. And, Veronica (Jr.) and Harrison are being Jr. and Harrison down in Arkansas. I've been told that this is the end of the line as far as Grandkids go. A nice round number of ten with an equal number of boys and girls. Great Grandkids anyone?
Now the "Rest of the Story" or maybe a story of rest.

What a great idea. A treadmill with a built in beanbag.
This is really a deluxe model complete with built in speakers for your ipod, a fan for cooling and even a little time keeper so you don't over exercise

In the sporting arena, been to a couple of Cub's games and have absolutely nothing to say about that. On the other hand, I have returned to my old friend, Golf. Not nearly as friendly as I remembered. Seems like the course is longer, harder and has larger bunkers and smaller greens. I tried to use my age and health as an excuse but even with new meds and my youthful mind (second or third childhood???) my head comes up my shoulder drops down and my back snaps crackles and pops. The only part of the game that hasn't completely deteriorated is cart driving. There's a good possibility that you won't read much about the Cubs and my golf game any time soon unless stranding 50 or 60 men on base or shooting seventeen on a hole is considered newsworthy.