Monday, March 22, 2010

New Arrival

Well the new Grandkid finally showed up. On March 17th, St Patrick's Day, Edward David Nimz, assisted by the probing and coaxing of Mom, Dad and the hospital staff, made his entrance into our lives. His late arrival (11 days later than predicted) made for some interesting moments in our household. Grandma Jo had been fully prepared for weeks, ready to swoop up to Minnesota to offer her grandmotherly support. The trunk of the car was filled with suitcases and gifts for both male and female infants. Not knowing the sex ahead of time necessitated purchasing both pink and blue stuff. (Anyone having a baby girl soon?) Ready to heat and eat meals were prepared. Finally the call came around 3am on the 17th. I managed to restrain Jo for a few hours before we made our Northern dash. (As an example of how hastily we left, after our return Jo went to make some toast for breakfast Saturday morning only to find a slice already in the toaster. Seems as how it had been forgotten in the rush.) I guess I'd better include the vital statistics. (to a man that usually consists of, "It's a boy!") For those who need a little more info - Edward David, 8 pounds 5 ounces, 20 and a half inches tall, 10 fingers, 10 toes and strong lungs. He likes long walks in the woods, happy movies, laughter and candlelight dinners of Italian food. (At least that what his ad on eHarmony says) After Jo was satisfied that Eddie knew who she was and that spoiling classes would start next week, we returned to Fennimore (and 3 day old toast).
Now what could compete with anything as exciting as a new born grandchild? Well our trip home came close. Anyone who visits this blog very often knows my thing for eagles. We started down The River Friday afternoon hoping to spot an eagle or two fishing in the spots where the ice had broken up. We saw one, then another and another and another. I mean there were eagles in the trees, on the ice, and in the air. Some were just sitting around while others were performing what seemed to be a courting ritual. As well as spotting all these eagles we saw at least a dozen nests along the way. Considering that these were visible from the road one can only imagine how many more are stashed away out of sight. I'd say that those big guys are no longer endangered. I have a lot of excuses for not taking any photos but the real reason was that on the way up on Wednesday morning, I had seen a whole bunch of eagles in a back water area at the Minnesota/Wisconsin border and I was hoping to get back there while it was still light. When I made it back to the area I certainly wasn't disappointed. There on the ice in the trees and in the air there was easily a hundred or more eagles. I assume that this is a migration coming up from farther South heading up to their Summer quarters. Naturally the view, at least for photography, was somewhat obscured by twigs and brush making focusing very difficult. (It would have been an ideal situation for my blog friend evilbear with his new wideangle lens) We parked and just watched for a little while then continued on home feeling pretty satisfied, a new grandkid and tons of eagles. That all adds up to a really great couple of days.I finally finished painting the laboratory and have started preparing for a week long stay with Eddy and family next week. Grandma Jo, who is happily splitting her time between Saffie and Eddie, has gotten her second wind and is ready to face the challenge. Hey! Spoiling is no easy job!

Little Eddie - The Early Days

Mom, Dad and Eddie (Sally, Uncas and Edward)

Sammy doesn't know what to make of this new arrival.

Grandma Jo at work.

The Grandpa touch. (How about those new glasses)

A few of our fine feathered friends.