Sunday, November 23, 2008

Red This, Red That and The Red Army

Just hanging around on a Sunday afternoon dreaming up some dreams to pass on to you folk. The biggest news in the Blume household this week is the arrival of Luci the KitchenAide mixer. The KitchenAide mixer has been the object of lust in my (cooking) heart for years. I guess a little moaning, whining and some subtle hints like taping pictures of KA all over the kitchen finally paid off. Amazing as it seems, all of the sudden, JoAnne came up with the idea of getting a new mixer as an anniversery gift to each other. At any rate Luci has joined Garr (our new red trash can) in our kitchen. I gave Luci a quick test run by whipping up a cake on Thursday and Jo made a couple of batches of cookies in her last night. The down side of Luci and Gaarr joining the family is, because of their lovely red color, the kitchen will have to be redecorated to coordinate with them. Seeing as how Jo gave in on the mixer I guess it's time for me to give in on the redecorating. (After all she's been moaning, whining and hinting for years.) Progress reports will be posted as work goes on.

Luci (on the right) and Garr (left)

Jo putting Luci through her paces.

On the more entertaining side, I'd like to share a musical experience with you. Some of you may have heard or heard of this group and not all of you will agree with my taste but, I like 'em. They are The Leningrad Cowboys, a weird group from Russia who occaisionally perform with the unweird group, The Red Army Choir. To give a listen click here The video and the audio are typical YouTube quality but you can see and hear enough to get the idea. The song that this link will take you to, Delilah, gives a fairly good taste of the group. A couple of other tunes that I particulaly like are - My Way, Sweet Home Alabama, and Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.

Them Crazy Cowboys!