Friday, October 24, 2008

Open Letter to Sally, Uncas and Those Duchettes

If there is any question about the well-being of one Sammy Sacnu, let it be known that he is in the best of care. He is experiencing some much needed educating. Here are a few of the "NEW" achievements he has mastered. 1. Stair climbing 101. Within one day of arriving at the Blume household, Sammy has learned to bound up the stairs like a Gazelle who lives in a third floor walk up apartment in New York City. Very possibly, by the end of the day today he will master going down the stairs. (Grandma Jo is working on that one) 2. He has learned to sit at the table and enjoy the same food as his hosts. (This does not include sharing liver treats with Grandpa Ron) He seems to prefer sirloin over chuck, veal over pork and quail over chicken. Tomorrow he learns pie. 3. He finds that sleeping between Grandpa Ron and Grandma Jo in bed at night provides a better night's sleep than his lumpy little doggy bed. He sleeps until 8:30 - 9 oclock most mornings. 4. He has made friends with a number of squirrels in the neighborhood and has extended an invitation to them to live in his attic in Mineapolis. 5. He has learned to fetch. He fetches the mail, the newspaper, pecan rolls from the bakery, milk from Kwik-Trip and doughnuts from Casey's. He's really handy to have around. Tomorrow he wants to learn a few computer programs on Grandma Jo's PC. Who knows he may even start his own blog. So, while you and those Duchettes are frolicking around the Sound, (I don't know if your really frolicking around a sound or not but it was a chance to play on words - It had a nice sound to it.) Sammy is putting the time away from you to better himself. Are you?

Sammy and a shy friend lounging in the upstairs computer laboratory!

PS to those Duchettes - Caiden may be really cute but I think a trip to Southwestern Wisconsin would be beneficial to his learning experience. Look how Sammy's trip is going to effect the Sacnu household.