Friday, September 5, 2008

A Little Saffron Spices things up

In the past my only experience with saffron was either as a spice that made rice dishes yellow or as a part of the 60's song, "Mellow Yellow". The arrival of Derek and Jeanna's little girl sure gave a new meaning to the word. It's become a synonym of, cute, sweet, cuddly, and lovable. It's no wonder that babies take quite a while to learn to speak because the earliest part of their existence they don't hear much more than ohs and ahs from anyone they are introduced to. Last Monday she arrived at her new home with Mom and Dad. On Tuesday she got to meet her Sister and Brother (the puppies Tina and Snoopy). Snoopy gave her a once-over and tried to act indifferent. After all he was being replaced as the baby in the family. Tina was much more interested. She wanted close looks and smells. I think that she will be the ever alert, protective big sister. She howls in sympathy when Saffron cries and barks to alert mom and dad that little sis needs attention. This weekend, Aunt Sally and Uncle Uncas along with Sammy will drive down from the Twin Cities to meet Saffron. (Doesn't Uncle Uncas have a nice ring to it?) I tried to get some photos of the first meeting of Saffron, Tina and Snoopy but the results were kind of disappointing. Here are a few of the ones that I doctored up in Photoshop. I'm just not very good at shooting living things. Guess I should stick to flowers and barns. I'll try one more time when we visit her tomorrow. I'm sure that Jo and Sally will take a large number of pics that will appear on their Picasa pages. I'll post the links to them.

Snoopy meets Saffron.

Tina makes sure that Saffron is properly passified.

Tina explains the house rules to Saffron.