Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pass the Pepto Please!

Who could ask for more? I'm enjoying a relaxing stay up in the "Twin Cities" while SuperG (Grandma Jo) lends a helping hand to the recent kid havers. Not so little Edith (Edie not to be confused with Eddie) is doing great. So of course there is no end to the constant pampering being applied. (I mean pamper like spoil, not Pamper like diapers. Although she does get involved with a lot of those too) My main job is to stay out of the way so, this trip up, I packed my handy Mini Mac a set up shop in a little corner of the recently remodeled basement. (Right near the bean bag/treadmill) This has enabled me to keep in constant contact with the free (and slightly inexpensive) world as we know it, as well have access to any and all important information like where to find a White Castle in the "Cities" area. As you can see by the photo above, I found one of the two that exist around here and put down a hardy (and I may say, healthy) sack of "sliders" for lunch yesterday. Among the other "Wonders" of the "Cities" I uncovered a good old fashioned, eat until you die, bakery up here. I had gotten a tip that such a place existed not too far away. Armed with a pocket full of cash and a keen nose for the scent of a biscuit, I set out for Shangri-La. What I found was El Dorado . Felt like Indiana Jones as he first cast eyes on the "The Lost City'. There it was, display case after display case filled with mouth watering delights. A case just filled with cookies, one with donut type goodies, one with sweet rolls, muffins and various Danishes, another showed off decorated cakes and still another overflowed with french pastries. The walls are lined with shelves of fresh baked breads of all sorts. Like so many little sirens on a rocky shoreline they all called out my name, clawing at the glass begging me to, "take me home with you!". Right about there my head started to spin. I felt like Alice in Wonderland or Dorothy in Oz. When I recovered my bearings, I realized that a young lady behind the counter was not the "Good Witch of the North" but a powered sugar dusted salesgirl asking if she could help me. Without a sensible thought in my head, feverishly pointing to ahd fro (maybe even fro and fro) I blurted out, "two of those, three of those, a couple of those sugary ones and some cherry things" The next thing I knew I was back at Summer's house. Jo was applying a cold cloth to my forhead and Sammy the friendly Daschund was licking my hand. It wasn't a dream there really were a bag and a box of assorted goodies on the kitchen counter. Those wonderful tidbits are long gone but the sweet taste lingers on. I would have pictures but I have nothing left but memories, a few crumbs and a quite a few extra pounds. I have made another trip to the bakery but with a more sensible approach. (Only one small bag and one small box of treats) I have a bunch of photos of other parts of our visit and I'd love to post them but first - "I NEED A NAP!" Tomorrow I'm off to take in a Twins game and to sample the Target Field fare. I'll report back on Friday.

I can't close out without a least one picture of the newest Grandkid, Edie.