Friday, September 19, 2008

Not So Famous Last Words

Last words, but only for a week or so. It's been a bit of a slow year travelwise for us, so we're taking off to revisit some places and people from years past. Tomorrow we head North to the UP (Upper Peninsula of Michigan) and then down to the LP (Lower Peninsula of Michigan). After we spend a few days hiking, sightseeing and rock hunting, we plan to return to Saginaw, Michigan where we lived for a while. A day or two of checking out what's new and what's not, we'll visit with friends who we haven't seen in close to twenty years. After a stop in the Detroit area to visit more friends from days gone by, we'll be heading home. (With a stop in Chicago to see my Mom) I'm sure that there will be many photos to share with you.
As they say in the UP, Aloha yea?
I'll leave you with a few random shots that I've been meaning to post.
Oh yeah, Derek and I went to the Cub's game yesterday (Thursday), It was the game where the Cubs came from behind to tie the game in the bottom of the ninth and win it in the 12th inning. Probably the most exciting game I've ever attended.

Great nephew Ronnie. A kid who, at an early age,
really knows what life's all about and how to live it.

Just another ho hum sunset in Southwest Wisconsin.
And you wonder why I like it here?

Little Saffron starts life as a Cub fan.
Like she had anything to say about it.

The biggest video game smash hit Wisconsin has ever experienced.