Wednesday, January 14, 2009

All White Already!!!

Living smack dab in the middle of a "Winter Wonderland" in mid January, one doesn't run into a lot of blogworthy material. Big excitement around here is waiting. Waiting to see how much snow the city plow will throw across the bottom of your driveway, waiting to hear how many schools will be closed or have delayed openings, waiting to see how the mail carrier and newsboy manage to make it up our front steps, waiting to see if Jo gets out of the driveway, waiting to see if she'll make it back home that evening and, my favorite, waiting for the snow to stop long enough to go out and snowblow. Actually today I'm waiting for the arrival of the "Bunco Ladies", that wild gang of dice tossing neighborhood beauties who gather once a month to rattle those bones (the dice not theirs) vying for huge cash jackpots. Tonight is Jo's turn to host the event and my turn to remain out of sight until the last tally is tallied. Hopefully I did a good enough job of cleaning the walk and stairs so that later on I don't have to venture outside to drag some poor frosty buncoer out of a snow bank. The plus side is that I get first dibs on any unconsumed desserts. Of course I did taste test most of them already. I guess the threat of snow is pretty well past and now all we have to look forward to is some fairly cold weather. (If you can call a high of 7 degrees below zero fairly cold) I dug back into my archives to take a look at past snow pics, I pray that January and February aren't a repeat of last year.
Well I got to gather up some supplies and set up camp before the "Buncos" arrive.

Just a reminder of "The Winter of "08"

What any serious "Snow Blowin' Guy " needs, a V-8 powered blower

Was it something I wrote?

The prettier side of the season

. . . and, the artier side

Saffron Needs a Pair of Booties