Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Truth at Last!

The wait is over. In a week filled with unanswered issues and final episodes, "Nightline" will provide us with the real poop we've all been waiting to hear. Tonight on "Nightline" Jesse James will tell all. For years I've wondered about so many things connected to Jesse James. Things like, did you and Frank make a lot of money robbing so many banks, trains and stagecoaches? Were old fashioned ATMs hard to steal from? Was it cool hanging out at "Hole in the Wall" with guys like Butch and Sundance? Did you and your gang shop at the GAP? How could you feel safe hiding out in the Meramec Caverns with signs everywhere announcing that your hideout was there? Oh, I wish I could be on that program with him tonight. I'd like to ask him if he thought he could out draw Norman Rockwell or out shoot John Wayne. I don't know about any of you, but I'm going to be glued to the "Tube" tonight and my DVR, VCR and Betta recorders will be burning away.

Site of the "Hole in the Wall".
So hard to find that there may still be guys in there trying to find their way out.

With signs like this, it's pretty hard to be sneaky.

After installing this marker, Frank and Jesse fooled everyone by heading to Minnesota.
Too bad their plan to knock over that big mall up there didn't work out.

You don't go foolin' us Minnesoda guys you bet!

Oh yah, dere's a Ford in his future up here aye?

Oh wait! I guess I had the wrong Jesse James.
Well they bear a little resemblance to each other.