Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mr. Gorbachez Tear Down This Wall!

Words by a famous Ron? No, they're words by a not-so-famous Ron to Walter "Wally" Gorbachev concerning the Blume kitchen wall. Actually it's not really "tear down this wall" it's more like tear down the wallpaper on this wall. And Wally is Ron's alter ego. In the renovation, (code named Kitchen Project -KP) removal of old wallpaper is possibly the most important step, second only to what is to be done with the barren walls. Armed with multitudes of suggestions from well-wishers, sponges, vinegar water, steamer and scrapper in hand, Wally attacked the paper covered plaster/plasterboard. Find a loose corner, grab it, peel it back. Nothing to it, comes right off. As does part of the wall. After a couple of sessions of sponging, steaming and scrapping the kitchen has taken on the appearance postwar Berlin. President Reagan would be proud of Wally's efforts. In an effort to determine how to refinish the stripped down walls Wally is renting all of the World War II films available at the Fennimore video renting place. Right now we're focusing on war torn Italy for that "Tuscany" look. A paint color has been chosen, a new counter top, sink and faucet is being ordered, the bright (Empire) red appliances (toaster, mixer, tea kettle, garbage can and even dish strainer) are ready to be joined by wonderful, bright, cheerful walls. Arguably, it's only a matter of time. AND, they say time heals all. Wally defiantly stands, steamer and putty knife in hand, determined to overpower these formerly paper clad barriers. I'm not sure which matinee idol was responsible for the naming of Ron, Ronald Coleman or Ronnie Reagan but, for now, there is a recording of "The Great Communicator" speaking his historic words playing over and over and over again in the Blume kitchen.

The model for remodeling

Nobody likes the present wallpaper

Either a aerial shot of the Southern Hemisphere
or Blume's kitchen wall


Starting to get that "Early Italian" look

Adding a personal touch