Friday, February 20, 2009

KP - K9 - Kaopectate

The kitchen project (code name KP) is moving right along. Holes are patched, the "Textured" plaster has been accomplished, and the counter top is on order. My next assignment, should I accept it, (like I have a choice) is priming the "textured" walls followed by applying the lovely yellow paint job. The degree of difficulty has been fairly low. So, to make it a little more of a challenge, we've added a couple of "speed bumps". First we added two of our little wiener granddogs. Tina and Snoopy (code name K9) came to stay while a much more weighty construction project is underway at their house. Derek is having foundation and drainage work done to combat an ongoing "wet basement" problem. Adding the dogs didn't distract from the job at hand. They're really well behaved and only disrupt my progress when they insist that they MUST go outside to ward off some unsuspecting passerby. The main setback right now is something I brought to the party. You might say that the work didn't "poop" me out. But "it" (code name, never mind) has slowed down my tempo. (It's amazing how fast one can descend a ladder when the urge hits.) You might say, I've gotten a little behind in my work. I'm using my "affliction" as an excuse to take a couple of days off from KP. I like to say that I'm giving the plaster "texture" time to thoroughly dry, or as they say on The Cooking Channel, rest. Naturally Jo is anxious to "get her kitchen back" but she understands my situation because she suffered the same decease a few weeks ago.
Excuse me while I check out who's walking by. I think I'll check from the bathroom window.

What do you think, too much texture?
Maybe I used the wrong kind of mud!

I feel pretty safe with these two on guard

Tina on window duty

Snoopy in full attack mode