Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Over the River and . . .

It's been a busy week at the old Blume homestead. This afternoon Jo and I are setting out for far off Arkansas to visit daughter Jr. (Veronica) and grandson Harrison. Needless to say JoAnne has been packing, baking, packing, wrapping, packing, shopping, packing, directing, and, did I mention, packing. Actually Jo has become an expert packer over the years thanks to our many adventures. (Thank God for luggage on wheels) This will be our first visit with Jr. and Harrison in quite a few years so it hopes to be a cheerful reunion. Jr. has been known, in the past, as the keeper of the dogs. Presently, I believe that she's down to only four or five of them. Trying to keep up with Harrison has probably cut into her dog time. Fortunately they live on several acres overlooking Norfolk Lake near Mountain Home providing plenty of room for Harrison and the other animals to romp and play. I'm sure that I'll have some great stories next week chronicling our trip. (If not I'll make up a few.)
In spite of the business of preparation I found time to take advantage of hunting season by getting out and shooting a couple of bucks this weekend. Yep, I grabbed my weapon, set it on automatic, checked the calibrations, quietly hiked across the street to my neighbors yard, took aim and got off four or five good shots. (Shutter speed - 1/125, Aperture - 3.2, Focal Length - 12.1mm) I have to admit, deer look a lot nicer out among the pines than they do hanging from them. I guess my neighbors will be going to their freezer for meat this winter while we will have to go to Piggly Wiggly for ours.
I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving. (next week I'll probably be sayin' y'all)

Old shot of Jr. (on the right) and her Masstif puppy Ben.
Ben was about 2 years old at the time.

(Honestly, no trick photography or PhotoShop)

Results of my "Deer Hunt"!
In a couple of weeks I'll be heading out for some live "shots".