Friday, May 23, 2008


I hadn't planned on posting anything today but, something of note arose (or unfortunately didn't arose). Part of my duties this coming weekend at the Sacnu Estate moving extravaganza is to bake cookies for the actual workers. In my estimation I'll take baking over carrying any day. That is, if you follow the recipe correctly. I got all the ingredients together, preheated the oven and started mixing. All went well, just like a well oiled cookie sheet. Until the first pan of cookies was ready to come out of the oven. As they say, "a picture is worth a lot of dirty words". Before a picture could be taken and after a lot of dirty words were spoken, I retrieved the empty chocolate chip package from the trash (the package contains the secret chocolate chip cookie recipe you know). And, lo and behold, some fool left out half of the flour necessary to produce edible cookies. Being the efficient baker that I am, I had already filled five or six more cookie sheets with unbaked, flour deficient cookie dough. It was, take the dough from the sheets, put it back into the mixing bowl, add the missing flour and beat the hell out of it. (a technical baking term). The good news is that the rejuvenated mixture baked up into some pretty yummy treats. Of, course I had test a least half a dozen or so to insure quality thus creating a shortage of cookies for the movers. What a great excuse to bake up some good old oatmeal cookies.
So, in the morning, we're off to Minnesota land to supervise the the big move. I'll be doing the supervising (and cookie guarding) while Jo will be in there helping with the dirty work.
Have a Happy Memorial weekend. See ya next week!