Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oh Deer! part II

In my last post I mentioned that lately Eagle sightings are outnumbering Deer sightings. Saturday, after crossing The River into Iowa to drop off a few bucks at a Riverboat Casino, we decided to return home taking the road south on the Iowa side of The River. With all of the recent thawing and field fertilizing, I figured that we would encounter dozens of Eagles. Uh uh! Nary a stinkin' bald head in sight. But, the warmer weather did bring out the deer. Fair enough, lost some bucks, saw some bucks. (Well at least this one group of about a bakers dozen.)

Speaking of bakers. Last week I had a hankering for some good old fashioned oatmeal cookies. A simple task that I've performed many times before. Some flour, sugar, eggs and oatmeal beat it all together and, voila! cookies. Except this time, you might say, the oatmeal beat me. I found the friendly round container, with the smiley Quaker guy on it, back in a corner on the top shelf of the kitchen cabinet. I reached it, touched it and dumped it right on my head. Did you know that capturing flying oatmeal is similar to corralling runaway feathers. I did manage to collect enough for my recipe off the counter top. (The full 3 cupfuls that I needed) Then proceeded to gather up the rest of the three or four hundred pounds that was scattered around the kitchen (and some in the dining room). In an effort to keep it off of the floor, I managed to catch large amounts in my shirt pocket, down the back of my neck, in my shoes and in the waistband of my slacks. After a final cleanup with the vacuum, broom and snow blower I got back to baking and in half the time it took to clean up I had six about dozen crispy, golden cookies. Needless to say, the cookies led a very short life but the memory of them lives on with the discovery of little oat flakes here and there around the house. The other day one of my neighbors dropped by to ask if I had lost some oatmeal lately. Seems dog came home covered with it. Beats me?