Thursday, September 17, 2009

Off to see the Wizard

As soon as the "kid" gets home from work we'll be loading up the final cargo containers of supplies for the trip over to that East Coast. I've beefed up the suspension and pumped up the tires to accommodate the excess weight. We'll be gone a little over a week but we have enough clothing, food and photo equipment to last the Osmond family through the winter. I hope to write down some of the weirder thoughts that run through my sick mind as I cruise the highways. And, I'm going to try posting a pictorial accounting of the more interesting sights encountered along the way. With the help of my new computing machine I may learn how to link a photo album to my blog. As far as seeing the Wizard goes, we do plan on touring DC, which I'm told, is the new OZ. When you stop and think about it there is a guy there that has a striking resemblance to a flying monkey. (must be the ears) Sorry, no irreverence meant. Well I've got to run. Gotta finish attaching the "WIDE LOAD" sign to the Honda. See y'all in a couple of weeks.

"So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu
adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu"

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Old Dog - New Tricks?

Hey! I've got a reason for the big delay in posting a new Blog. I got a new computing machine and it's a lot smarter than me (or is it I?). The good news is that it's a LOT faster, and has a LOT more features. The bad news is that it doesn't have some of the OLD features that I grew to rely on. Features like PhotoShop. My OLD version is so OLD (how old is it?). It's so OLD that if you try to install it on the new machine, the machine spits it out, puckers up the monitor and makes derogatory comments about my momma! I feel handicapped not being able to fool around with pics for my Blog. I'm going to try and get by with what I've got until I can come up with the $47,000,000 for a PhotoShop upgrade. Some of the software on the new electronic box is really cool. In fact I am already getting started with my "learn to play the guitar and piano" lessons. Unfortunately I don't have a piano or a guitar. But, if I can get by without PhotoShop, how hard can it be?
Other big family advancements are, the Arkansas branch of the Blumes (Harrison, "Harry" and Jr, "Veronica") has entered the cyber age. So a new line of communication has opened up between the scattered family. And, in spite of his mother's fears, Harrison has started playing football. With the games, practices and the computer, "Harry" should be a pretty busy guy. Up in the northernmost reaches of the clan, Sally and Uncas (Summer and Reid) have added a feature to the Sally and Uncas" Blog. It's Baby Nimz (Nimzlet) count down. Sally started back to school this week so her short retirement has come to an abrupt end. Over here in Southwest Wis we're preparing for yet another adventure. Come Thursday, we're off to Williamburg, Virginia.
This will be a driving, touring, visiting and eating week or ten days of complete disregard for schedules and deadlines. Although, I'm sure, we take photos by the thousands, I promise that I'll only bore you with a few hundred of them. And, if I can work out some kind of PhotoShop thing, some will be fairly entertaining.
If I don't have a chance to post before we go, see ya later!

"Football Harry",
the terror of Mountain Home. Arkansas.

Mom shows future mom the finer points of
"Al Fresco" infant dining.

"It's a lot easier to hose off a messy kid outdoors.

Progress report on my guitar lessons.
It looks easier in the pictures where a guy actually uses a guitar.