Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nice Talkin' to Ya!

I've been sitting here waiting for something to happen that would prompt a really great post. Ain't happnin'!
This has been a funny year although it hasn't been very funny. It's been a nice year but a little short on the spectacular type of year we usually experience. I'm starting to get worried about putting together my hopefully hilarious Holiday Enquirer. We took two vacations and they were nice. We visited with friends and family. The visits were nice. I took a bunch of pictures (nice ones) but nothing outstanding. Still waiting to come across my "Photo Of The Year" (POTY). Recently my son Rick flew in from California for a nice visit, we celebrated Jo's Mom's birthday with a nice party attended by all of her nice children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren, and just last week, we had a nice time watching Saffron have a nice adventurous Halloween.
On the BIG news side, I did buy a nice new monitor to go along with my nice new computing machine. It's big! (at least for me it is) Looking back on the days using a borrowed Mac SE with about a nine inch screen this twenty two incher seems like CinemaScope.
Here are a few nice pictures to view while I wait for inspiration to strike.

Here is one determined little bee
getting ready to hit the pavement in search of treats!

"Here's my bag! Fill'er up!"

Trick or Treatin' on Abbey Lane. Where's Paul?

The Old Mac SE30

(Big monitor on Something that starts with C)